Haulage to the UK calls for special knowledge and expertise. So to improve our service for you even further, we work closely with WHB International in Milton Keynes. WHB is a similar organisation to ourselves that sets the same high standards in terms of service as we do. We both have a highly skilled and experienced workforce and both use state-of-the-art equipment.

Both we and WHB International are ideally located for forwarding services, so this partnership is your guarantee of fast and efficient transport between the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the rest of Europe.

Daily runs to and from the UK

We operate regular services that travel to and from the UK daily by ferry – mainly on the Hook of Holland-Harwich and Hook of Holland-Killingholme routes. These are safe routes with reliable transit times. Our drivers sleep during the overnight crossings, making the best possible use of their time.

The WHB International depot is located at the heart of the UK, enabling us to deliver pallets throughout the UK within 24 or 72 hours.

Express forwarding to and from the UK

Rosendaal Transport and WHB International also offer express forwarding to and from the UK – on anything from a small van to a 40 tonne truck. WHB International also has its own courier department which delivers urgent packages throughout the whole of the UK.


Both Rosendaal Transport and WHB International have extensive storage and transhipment facilities. We are also both equipped to handle groupage and partial loads. One of our specialities is transporting valuable and fragile goods. We also offer special solutions for timed, city centre and tailgate deliveries, all within 24-72 hours.