About us

At Rosendaal Transport we are very proud of our new 6,000 m2 premises: they are multifunctional, state-of-the art, spacious and a very pleasant place to work.

Our keywords: service, flexibility, short lines, reliability, continuity, deeds not words. Or to put it another way: our vision is driven by our Dutch level-headedness and honesty, and that’s something we’re rightly proud of.

For us, reliability (we always keep to the arrangements we make), overcoming challenges (we don’t call them problems) and handling your goods with care are a matter of course. And that is our greatest strength.

All the advantages of using Rosendaal Transport in a nutshell:

  • You always get to talk to the right person on the telephone straight away.
  • Located right by the intersection of three major motorways (A12, A18 and the German A3)
  • Partnership with WHB International for transports to, within and from 
    the UK
  • Massive 6,000 m2 warehouse for storage and transhipment
  • Extra Value Added Logistics services
  • Extensive fleet for various types of transport
  • State-of-the-art Traffic Management System for efficient planning