Rosendaal Transport has a rich history that we are extremely proud of. Since 1925 we have been travelling down a road on which we constantly encounter new challenges. A brief potted history:

In 1925 grandfather Herman Rosendaal launched a successful parcel delivery service between Emmerich in Germany and Arnhem in the Netherlands from St. Martinusweg here in the Dutch town of Beek. In those days, of course, everything went by horse and cart.

Shortly after World War II, the horse and cart fleet was joined by our first motor truck, a ex-US army GMC. During the 1950s, son Willy followed in 
his father’s footsteps.

By the early 1950s the company was fully motorised, and we started to focus increasingly on transporting livestock. We picked up pigs and cows from farms and took them to abattoirs or livestock markets. At that time we had three men transporting livestock. In the late 1970s we bought a truck with a livestock body and a general cargo body. So we were able to deliver general cargo during the day and livestock at night.


Hans, the third generation Rosendaal, joined the business as co-director in 1986. His wife Nardie took over the admin. Three years later the company relocated to Matjeskolk in Beek. After just two years it became clear that we were outgrowing the 500 m2 area, so we added a new 2,000 m2 warehouse. We now had 20 people on the payroll.

Even this space soon proved to be too small. So in 2011 we started building new premises a stone’s throw from the old location.

Our new buildings were officially opened in October 2012. In addition to more storage and transhipment space, we also added new offices. Despite the financial crisis we have managed to increase our workforce to 36 full-time 
and 6 part-time employees. We run regular training courses for our staff in our large conference room. We also allow other companies to use our conference room.

With our new accommodation, Rosendaal Transport is once again ready for the future.