Our equipment, which we always keep in tip-top condition, gives you a good indication of the kind of transportation we can provide. Our extensive fleet consists of:

  • Tailgate trucks
  • Semi-trailers
  • Conventional trailers with curtain sides and sliding roofs
  • Road trains
  • Trailers with forklift

Our vehicles are equipped for a huge range of transport types and are designed for optimum flexibility. So they can be adapted quickly and efficiently to your specific needs and the transport requirements of countries right across Europe.

Large volume transport

Large volume transport is one of our specialities. Working within the statutory provisions, we maximise transportation volumes at a lower cost per m³, pallet or loading metre. With road pricing charges increasing in many European countries, this large volume transport quickly delivers massive benefits.

Our large volume truck has the following capacities:

This represents a 15-20% volume gain compared with traditional trailers.

Contact us to find out how this can work for you too.