At Rosendaal Transport we have more than 6,000 m² of storage space right by the German border, fully equipped with bulk and rack storage facilities for managing our customers’ stocks. We use an advanced stock management system which enables us to keep us and our customers informed about the status or location of their goods at any time of the day.

Lots of advantages

Our ideal location and the many extra services we provide have already won us a wide range of customers. Our warehouses meet all the very latest theft prevention, fire safety, food and non-food requirements.

At Rosendaal Transport we do it all for you. You don’t need your own warehouse staff or storage space – saving you time and money. After all, the goods are already at the forwarders. So they can be loaded at any time.

If your goods need to be packed, labelled, or processed one final time, our Value Added Logistics may be just the job.


Do you need to distribute a large number of goods across different locations urgently? With our cross-docking service we pick up the goods in one run in large-volume trucks. Then back at our warehouse we divide them among smaller trucks which then head out to the final destinations. This saves time and cuts out a whole lot of administrative work.